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Swift - A new kind of compact car. A new philosophy and a new beginning.

Small cars offer big environmental advantages: Since they’re made from relatively few materials and are concomitantly light, they save energy and inflict less damage on roads. For these reasons, Suzuki sees downsizing as a key to realizing a future in which people can enjoy eco-friendly motoring. But how comfortable, convenient, and stylish can a small car be? Suzuki has answered this question in an impressive way with the new Alto.

SwiftThe new Alto reflects the unparalleled small-car know-how that has made Suzuki so successful with minicars in Japan and with compact cars such as Swift in markets around the world. Ideal for singles, couples, families and empty-nesters alike, it’s definitive response to the need for eco-friendly motoring-a car that delivers day-to-day comfort and convenience together with cost saving and a low environmental impact.

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